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Amore Uptown

Operation Hours:

M-F: 11am-1am Sa-Su: 9:30am-1am

  • Type: Wine Bar
  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Features: Patio, Free Parking, WiFi, Private Rooms, Veggie Friendly, Full Bar

Amore Victoria offers decent Italian food that is slightly overpriced for what it is. Best option is brunch.

If you patronize Amore Victoria, please know that ThriftyHipster is no longer on good terms because they had us do a bunch of work for them, used our work, and then refused to pay for the services. Since then, we've spoken to several vendors about them. For a company that pretends to be a "neighborhood place" they are surprisingly immoral about paying their service provides, especially small local businesses like ThriftyHipster.

I apologize to our users for this editorial, but we hope you will understand and support us by not patronizing this venue. We've of course had client issues before, which we've always been able to resolve acceptably. However, no one has ever been as disrespectful, rude, or irrational as the owners of Amore Victoria (and we're talking most clients are bar owners here, so this is saying something). If you support ThriftyHipster and our goal of being a complete and updated resource that helps you save money and find cool local things to do, please do NOT go here.

Instead, you should consider any number of superior options in the area:
Barbette, Republic, Bryant Lake Bowl, Lake and Irving, Tinto all support ThriftyHipster and are on Lake Street near Amore.

Of course, this rant is just our opinion based on the way we were treated by the ownership and the continual run-around, meetings they made us come to then didn't show up themselves at, and all they forced us to go through just to get paid for the work we did for them.

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