An A-List Kind of Sunday: Crafts, Happy Hour & Live Music.

Posted at 03/08 21:58 by ThriftyHipster's Twin Cities

This isn't your typical craft time. For those of you who are used to going to the 331 club at night, you never quite realize that without live music and the roaring ambiance of the crowd how small and dank this little space is. But it is the perfect atmosphere to get cozy with crafts while drinking a bloody mary (only $5!!!) on a Sunday afternoon. Crafternoon Delight will be painting cups & plates this Sunday for only $12. Additional cups & plates will be available to purchase, just in case you get a little paint crazy! So come join these lovely ladies but make sure to RSVP on their Facebook event page, because supplies are limited. 

Even thought you've spent your first part of your day in Nordeast, I suggest leaving for the rest of the night. Every Sunday at Kinsen Noodle & Bar, they have an all day happy hour of $3 bloody marys, screwdrivers & greyhounds. Pair it with some delicious quail egg wantons or some beef brisket curry, and then you will be ready for round two of night time activities. 

If you are familiar with Grant Cutler and his work with the Gorgeous Lords and Aby Wolf's work alongside Dessa with Doomtree, then you will in for a real treat coming out to this show. These two musicians have built a career for themselves as musicians just tipping over the edge of underground, enough to nationally travel & make an impact as synth pop heroes with many side projects under their belt. Together, this duo will have you in their clutches - but you won't resist. In such an intimate setting like Barbette, it will be hard not to fall in love with these two in WolfLords. I am sure that when you are coming down from a high buzz of the day, this is exactly where you will want to be.

I am sure if you are partying on Saturday night - Sunday afternoon will be your morning.